IBAS Overview

7 min

IBAS Technical Briefing

20 min

Examples of IBAS Benefits

  • Voice
    • Clean up voice issues for VoIP
  • Video
    • Reduce or eliminate chop
  • Virtualized Environments
    • Removes lag for screen and mouse
    • Accelerate connectivity to virtual systems
  • WAN
    • Accelerate data between sites
    • Make existing bandwidth more efficient
    • Accelerate remote locations
    • Add mid-mile redundancy
  • Applications
    • Improves the user experience for SaaS applications
    • Improve content collaboration
    • Accelerate API connections
    • Reduce global PoPs
  • Enables Cloud Provider Choice
  • Enables Cloud-to-Cloud Connections
  • File Transfer
    • Reduce large file transfer times
  • Backup
    • Shorten backup windows

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