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Managed IT How to Sample Video

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  • How does a business know if they have the technology they really need?


  • How does a business inventory the technology they have?


  • Can someone manage both my business computers and my phone systems?


  • How do I contact a managed IT service company when I have an issue?


  • Are there things the managed IT service company monitors and fixes proactively without my staff having to open a trouble ticket?


  • Does the managed IT service company provide remote or on-site support, or both services?


  • If I have an IT person on staff, do I have to fire them to use managed IT services?


  • Should I choose Microsoft or Google for my office productivity applications?


  • How do I choose between a cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid technology configuration?


  • Can I save money if I move to the cloud?


  • Which is more secure, the cloud or having my computer systems and data on-site?


  • Can my remote workers have a secure computing environment?


  • Is your MSP really compliant?


  • Can someone help us with our compliance, cybersecurity, and risk assessments?


  • How do MSPs handle backups, disaster recovery, and business continuity?


  • Should I ask for a multi-year term or a month-to-month agreement from an MSP?


CTB Separation thin vsm