Our Goal

Our only objective is to help you reach your strategic objectives and financial goals. We do this by consulting with you and discovering your needs across multiple areas. Then we research and find the best of breed solutions to meet your needs now and in the future.

By working side by side, we help companies reach their full potential in whatever they do, by helping them become more effective, cost efficient, and excel in all areas of their business.

Step 1

Three businesspeople in a boardroom looking at paperwork

Meet with one of our CoreTech Brokers for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

We are here to listen, ask questions and help ascertain your communication, information and technology requirements.

Step 2

Corporate group making a sketch of a business plan

Your CoreTech Broker will find the best solutions for your company.

Our team will help you probe options that will lead you toward successful implementation of a communication, information, or technology solution that will address your current and future business requirements.

Step 3

Four businesspeople in boardroom meeting

The CoreTech Broker Team will present best of breed solutions.

We will research your requirements and return with our recommended solutions. Our goal is to help your company wade through several options so you don't have to do all the work.

Step 4


We'll be here when you need us.

We're your business support team. We are not done when a solution is chosen. We work with you from implementation to renewal. Also, if you are a company with more than 100 employees, we may offer you an assigned pre-sales and post-sales team who knows you and your business and will work to get you the answers or support you need quickly and efficiently.

Step 5


Our Sales Lifecycle Information Management System (SLIMS).

For our clients, we built our own proprietary cloud-based software in order to manage contract and service support from pre-sale to post-sale. SLIMS is much more than a platform; it's a commitment we take seriously.

Step 6

Business woman leading a successful corporate group Ð isolated

Our process is built to help you succeed.

We win when you win. By being a valuable team member, we help our clients reach goals and objectives across their businesses. Technology impacts every part of business today. We help make those impacts positive.